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Millennium Falcon (1/43) build page

The last time I did a model kit I was about 12. Some 35 years later I decided to start again and was looking for a nice model to build with enough freedom for large and interesting customization possibilities. I am not a huge fan of Star Wars saga but after some search on the web I found that the Deagostini Millennium Falcon model kit would give me enough challenges to satisfy my curiosity and need for building things. So I bought the complete set from Model Space (UK) and started to really think about how I would start the build.

In these pages and blog I want to show how I am building and customizing the Falcon by themes (cockpit, ramp, hold, etc...). My intention is not to show how I am building the Falcon step by step following the issues order as other builders have nicely done it in their blog since the initial release of the model kit in 2015.

The customization I am presenting is mostly inspired by what others have done so far and shown on forums and blogs and the discussions and advises I am having with the Deagostini Falcon builders on the same forums.


Deagostini Millennium Falcon


Deagostini Millennium Falcon


Deagostini Millennium Falcon

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