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Falcon cockpit: inside customization

Updated: Mar 2, 2020


Why extending the cockpit interior?

The interior of the cockpit in the ESB movie appears longer than in the ANH. Here is

the extension of the cockpit (yellow) as seen on the two movie sets.

How much should the extension of the cockpit be? The Deagostini depth of the back part of the cockpit is 23.6 mm. Based on the picture from the ESB movie set and the blue prints, the extension (yellow) should be about 12.5 mm (+- 0.5 mm) at the scale of the model.


How to extend the cockpit using the Paragrafix set?

I decided to use and customize the very nice Paragrafix cockpit set and add the extension using styrene or customed photoetched brass sheets of the same thickness as the Paragrafix set as shown below in green.

Below is a 3D view of the Paragrafix cockpit (yellow) with proposed extension (green).


Cockpit backdoor

I decided to change the order in which the different parts should be stacked together. This should produce a more realistic depth in the doorway.

Below is the template for modifying the Deagostini back wall cockpit, which is slightly different than the modification Paragrafix is suggesting. It should add more strength to the structure without blocking the light from behind.


Cockpit extension features:

Based on various shots of the ESB cockpit interior one can have a good idea of the features (graphics, lights and greebles) that must be added to the extension.

Port side
Starboard side

Based on these pictures, I created home made decals that must be added to the extension.

Below is the Paragrafix flower view of the unfolded cockpit with Paragrafix decals and custom decals for the extension.

For information, below is the comparison between the Deagostini decals and the Paragrafix decals for the cockpit archway.

Stay tuned as there will be MORE TO COME...


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