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Falcon hold: front wall customization

Updated: Mar 3, 2020


Ideas and technical drawings:

This part has been largely inspired by the fantastic job that Jason Keith has done on 3D models (Shapeways) and the movie sets.

Image from Jason Keith (Shapeways)

I started with technical drawings that I will use as template for the customization. Templates can be found in the download page.


Preparation of the front wall:

I start with the preparation of the front wall provided by the Deagostini kit:

  1. Drawing the location of the new holes according to the template;

  2. Creating the holes.


Scratch build of the extension for large pipe:

I start building the front wall extension to fit the main pipe (22 mm diameter).

I started drawing and cutting the 5 frame members in styrene plate (1.5 mm) according to template.

I then scratch build of the details along the different frame members on both side (at least for 3 of them) with rod of different diameters, guitar/bass strings and any styrene I could find. The edges of the frames were done with U shaped piece of styrene.

Scratch build of the shelf details above the big pipe with styrene.


Stay tuned as there will be MORE TO COME...


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