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Falcon hold: starboard wall customization

Updated: Mar 2, 2020


Ideas and technical drawings:

This part has been largely inspired by the fantastic job that Jason Keith has done on 3D models (Shapeways), the movie sets and the blueprints.

Image from Jason Keith (Shapeways)

I started with a technical drawing that I will use as template for the customization. Templates can be found in the download page.


Preparation of the starboard wall:

I started with the preparation of the starboard wall provided by the Deagostini kit:

  1. Removing existing relief;

  2. Filling the holes with styrene and putty;

  3. Drawing the location of the new holes according to the template;

  4. Creating the holes.


Scratch build of the greebles:

I then built the greebles inside the right side hole with styrene and added details as precisely as I could.

I did the same for the left side holes. I scratch built the details using styrene. The inside is also done using the provided greebles by Deagostini.

This is the overall view of the modified starboard wall except the corridor entrance. Extra holes have been drill for easy access for lighting later and the computer nav area has been extended with styrene.


Scratch build of the starboard corridor access:

This is the outer hold door liner modification to create space for placing greebles (cables) inside.

Outer hold door liner modification, inner hold door liner and Paragrafix ring ready to be assembled.

This is the assembled modified starboard door access with hollow lower grid for lighting effects. The inside of the ring is hollow for placing greebles (mainly cables) inside later.

Here is the final modified corridor access door in place on the starboard wall.

Stay tuned as there is MORE TO COME...


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